Magical Niue Scuba Diving

Niue's underwater chasms, caves and caverns, coves and canyons, chimneys and arches, channels and tunnels, coupled with one of the best underwater visibility in the world make scuba diving in Niue a very special experience.

Magical Niue Sea Adventures is a scuba diving operation on Niue island, which is fully qualified and dedicated to giving you the best and most special diving experience Niue can give.

Our Scuba Diving operation is officially affiliated with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), and therefore strictly follows PADI standards and procedures, and will always be implementing PADI teaching system in all its training. Safety in diving will always be paramount to us. We do it right, we do it safe, or we don't do it at all! (please see more info about safety below).

We offer dive trips to all levels of certified divers, from beginners to advanced divers.

We will also be offering PADI courses and programs, from Discover Scuba Diving, for those who want to try scuba diving for the first time, to Open Water courses, to more advanced courses as outlined below.


Diving is fun, but the risks involved in diving cannot be ignored. For that reason safety must be your first consideration when choosing a dive operation to go diving with.

Magical Niue Sea Adventures maintains the highest standard of safety practices in Niue! We do not compromise or take short cuts to minimize expenses!

Please read and consider the following:

1) Oxygen : We consider having Oxygen on board at all times for every dive a must. Some of Niue's dive sites are 30-40 minutes away from base where Emergency Medical Services may be available. Having Oxygen on board can make the difference in the unlikely event of an emergency. Never go diving with any operation unless you know Oxygen is available on board!!!

2) Skipper on Board: We always have a skipper on board. We will never tie our boat to a mooring, and all go diving leaving no one on board.

With us you can dive with peace of mind knowing that there is a trained and qualified skipper on board waiting to give any assistance any time, and especially in time of emergency. A skipper who is well trained to give the help needed, trained to administer Oxygen, and is a qualified First Aid Provider, including CPR.

3) Experienced Crew: Nothing can beat experience. Our crew, whether dive instructors, or skippers, are mature and very experienced. Experienced crew can make the difference to your safety and the quality of your dive. With our crew you are in good hands.

4) Dive Equipment: All our dive gear is either new or near new and of a good quality, including our dive boat, and dive compressor.

We have all the safety dive accessories , to make sure you have all you need when diving, and in case of emergency.

Our spacious boat, has apart from Oxygen, all the safety gear required, including life jackets for everyone on board, flares, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, marine radio, beacon, and more.

5) Diving Safety Practices: As an operation affiliated with PADI, we closely adhere to PADI standards, and strictly follow all diving safety rules. All of our dives our carefully planned, and every dive trip must pass our risk assessment prior to departure, and prior to entering the water.

For more info about our high standard of safety practices please email us to [email protected]

"We do it right, we do it safe, or we don't do it at all!"

Dive Trip

Most of the dive trips offered are conducted from our 6.4m long spacious boat. You can either have a single dive trip, or a double dive trip.

Our policy is that we give you whatever the ocean is giving us during the trip at no extra charge. If time permits, we will stop to watch and swim with dolphins/whales encountered on the way to or from the dive site. You pay for the dive(s) only.

Single Dive Boat Trip: One tank dive at one of the dive sites chosen by you, the dive group, or by us, depending on sea conditions and level of certification.

Cost: $105 + $30 for gear hire.

Double Dive Trip:

2 dives on one trip at 2 different dive sites chosen by you, the group or by us, depending on sea conditions and level of certification. First dive is always the deeper one.

During surface interval, we may go snorkeling, swim with whales or dolphins (if around) or just rest on the boat until the next dive.

Cost: $195 + $30 for dive gear hire.

Night Dive: Normally a shore dive. Great experience.

Cost: $110 including all dive gear hire.


4 Dive package: $380 with tanks & weights only (based on 2 x double dive boat trips).

6 Dive Package : $560 with tanks & weights only( 3 x double dive boat trips).

8 Dive package : $730 with tanks & weights only( 4 x double boat trips).

10 Dive package: $880 with tanks & weights only(5 x double dive boat trips).

Hiring dive gear for the above trips is $30 per trip, including torches.

Night dives can be part of the package, at the same rate. We are very flexible, and will accommodate customers requests.

Please ask for any other combination of dive packages.

DIVES + ACCOMMODATION PACKAGES: Please let us know if you would like some options

For more information about what we offer please see

PADI Courses and Programs

Discover Scuba Diving: For those who want to try scuba diving for the first time. Includes some theory, a few skills taught in confined water, then a dive in open water, no deeper than 12m. You never forget your first dive! This is the first part of the full Open Water Course. Cost: $170

Open Water Course: 2-4 days, theory and skills learning and practice in confined and open water. Includes 4 open water dives, with last two dives up to 18m deep. On completion you become a certified Open Water diver. All gear and fees included.

Cost: $680

Advanced Open Water Diver: 5 adventure dives, of which 2 must be the Deep dive, and the Underwater navigation dive. You choose any 3 of the other adventure dives. Course includes theory and training for each dive. Advanced Open Water certification. A very enjoyable course, with a lot of adventure. $600

ReActivate Program: for certified divers who haven't been diving for more than 2 years. This is a refresher program, with some theory and a review/ practice of some important skills.

EFR Course (Emergency First Response) : Emergency First Response training focuses on building confidence in rescuers and increasing their willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency. It covers: Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid).$200

Rescue Diver, and Dive master courses are also available. Please ask.

We are offering specialty courses as follows:

Deep Diver Specialty: Course includes all theory and training. 4 deep dives.

Night Diver Specialty: Course includes all training. 3 open water dives.

Boat Diver Specialty: Learn everything there is to learn about diving off a boat. 2 open water dives.

Underwater Naturalist Diver Specialty: a very interesting course, learning about the reef, corals', fish and other creatures, so to enrich your understanding and knowledge. Diving with understanding makes a difference to your dive. 2 open water dives.

Underwater Navigator Specialty: One of the more important skills every diver should have, navigating

underwater. Course includes theory, training and practice. 3 open water dives.

Peak Performance Buoyancy: There aren't as many skills a diver can have that are more important than being able to achieve perfect buoyancy when underwater. A must for underwater photography/videography. 2 open water dives.

Please contact us for more information about the courses and programs we offer, and their costs.

10 Reasons to Scuba Dive with Magical Niue Sea Adventures

1 - Adhering closely to all dive safety practices before, during and after the dive. Highest safety standard.

2 - The only dive operation in Niue having an emergency skipper on board at all times, trained and ready to respond to any emergency.

3 - Oxygen on board on every dive trip.

4 - Not employing any pro divers or skippers who are smokers or heavy drinkers. All must be very safety conscious, experienced, and environmentally conscious. .

5 - Dedicated to provide the best customer service, professional, friendly, accommodating and flexible.

6 - High quality dive trips. You will be taken to the best dive sites in Niue, regardless of the distance and expenses, subject only to sea conditions and diver's experience.

7 - Providing the highest standard of training, and producing well skilled and safe divers. Training is provided by the most experienced PADI dive instructors. Magical Niue is the only All PADI dive shop in Niue.

8 - Not money hungry. Customer's satisfaction comes first.

9 - Payment is made after your last dive trip.

10 - 100% positive reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor from all of our happy divers. Please read what they say about Magical Niue's safety standard, professionalism, and customer service. (click on TripAdvisor reviews on our Facebook page).